The sire bond appears to pick what it wants to be like a fashionable schizophrenic gets dressed in the morning. One minute it’s the way Tyler was with Klaus. Then it’s just different with vampires. Then it’s Charlotte, who takes everything Damon says literally and runs with it all the way to the painful and the ridiculous. Then it’s Elena who appears to be much more able to argue and much more attuned to what Damon really means. No comical ‘You said to show no mercy!’ moments for her. In fact, when Damon flat out tells her to feed from somebody she just doesn’t. And does the sire bond operate on direct orders only? If so then why is everyone and their dog questioning her feelings? Because it operates on knowing what Damon wants deep down even if he doesn’t say it and mirroring that? Well then why is it so easy for her to haul him off a baddie he’s trying to kill? And you know, half the time I’m supposed to accept that the sire bond makes Elena change her mind about things. But then also sometimes she doesn’t change her mind, it’s just that her body changes it for her. I mean, if her not being able to keep the blood-bag down is about the sire bond, shouldn’t she have been comically staggering backwards to the car in 409 whilst grabbing at stray branches in an effort to stay put? And why isn’t anyone on the show asking these questions? These are things the characters should be thinking about, not just the audience! I mean, I can well understand Stefan and Caroline ignoring any and all evidence that Elena might not actually be sired to Damon, but Damon and Elena themselves? No fucking way.

-RophyDoes [x] - 4x13 Recap.

yes yes and yes.

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